Swipe Junior Tablet

Swipe Junior Tablet Stock Firmware Flash File

Download Swipe Junior Tablet Stock Firmware Flash File Stock Firmware (Flash File)

Initial Steps to Install Firmware on Swipe Junior Tablet

  1.  Download and install Rockchip Driver
  2.  Download and extract RockChip Batch Tool

How To Flash Swipe Junior Tablet

  1. Download and install firmware for your Swipe Junior Tablet
  2. Open Phoenixsuit upgrade tool, click on the “one-button brush” in the “Browse” Import upgrade software.
  3. Ensure that the Device is Powered Off
  4. Long press the volume key, you can not let go; access PC’s USB.
  5. Note that the Device cannot be diSPlayed at this time there is a charge sign.
  6. Then quickly press the power button for more than 3 times.
  7. Then you can let go with both hands
  8. After a few seconds, the display is shown point “YES” to upgrade.
  9. Upgrade was successful.

Follow Guide for installing Firmware using RockChip Batch Tool

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